Voluntary Conservation Agreement Queensland

However, like the General Voluntary Agreement on Conservation, the reclassification of land reserved for wildlife habitat as “conservation areas”. This reclassification continues to protect the habitat area from development, regardless of future ownership. The agreement offers all the benefits of Land for Wildlife as well as an annual cash management assistance payment. It is free of charge: the costs of collecting the Pact and the costs related to the development of the Agreement are all covered by the Council. Free on-site consultation for the management of natural vegetation areas for nature protection purposes on your land is also available through the land for Wildlife programme. The amount of tariff aid depends on the type of VCA and the size of the area protected by the agreement. If you apply for a VCA, your property will be assessed based on a number of criteria such as size, presence of threatened ecosystems and plant and animal species, age and structure of local vegetation, and proximity to existing nature reserves. To discuss the Voluntary Conservation Agreement Program, speak to the Council`s Conservation Partners Officer on 53296256. An appointment is then agreed with you to discuss the VCA program in more detail and perform an initial real estate valuation. The legacy that can be created by the sustainability of a nature protection agreement is often attractive to landowners who have invested considerable effort in good management, especially for those who have a historical or family connection to their property. The Council provides, under an agreement, the following services: criteria for wildlife land (including for a voluntary conservation agreement) Depending on the nature of the agreement, a landowner with a VCA may receive an annual cash reimbursement of up to $5000 to finance administrative activities on the ground in accordance with the management guidelines established by the VCA. A VCA is a contract between a private owner and the Council and offers permanent protection of all or part of your country. It is completely voluntary.

The agreed protection zone on the land is registered on the title of the Land as a Federal Reserve and/or Nature Reserve and transformed into environmental and natural zoning in accordance with the Noosa Plan. This designation remains on the title when the property changes ownership. Once the land has been deemed appropriate and all interests have been clarified, a conservation agreement and management programme will be developed and the special game reserve will be declared in accordance with the conservation agreement and the management programme. . . .

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