Lagu Ost Wedding Agreement

South Jakarta – Ahead of the screening of the film `Wedding Agreement` on the big screen on August 8, the song that became the film`s theme was also officially released. The song titled “Jawab CInta”, which is the work of dUA, became the soundtrack of the film “Wedding Agreement”, which also released its music video on July 18. dUA itself is a band that is the most popular band of Agl Shahriar and Indra O.N. Agyl Shahriar`s name was previously by the series `ACI (Aku CInta Indonesia), where he plays the character Amir. Agyl has also starred in several feature films, including “Lupus” (plays Boim) and also the film “Curtain of Marriage”, which is a collaborative film between Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition to being a director, Agyl has written several songs, one of which is called “Answer Love”. The film`s stylist, Tya Subiakto, also said of the song “Promise of Love”: “Initially contacted to be the musical director, Gayung was greeted by offering this song as a soundtrack. Alhamdulillah is suitable. The production process up to the cutting of this film is fun and the results are satisfactory.

Hopefully, later, when it is released, it can be a positive illustration for anyone getting married or having a wedding. God willing. “The film `Wedding Agreement` produced by StarvisionPlus is based on the best-selling novel by Mia Chuz and deals with the theme of a wedding resulting from a matchmaking agreement. FIlm `Wedding Agreement` is performed by Indah Permatasari, Refal Hady, Aghniny Haque, Jeff Smith, Ria Ricis, Bucek, Unique Pricilla, Mathias Muchus, Ria Irawan, Fergie Brittany, Yati Surahman and will be screened in all Indonesian cinemas on August 8, 2019. Below is a list of imdb-based film distribution[4]: The film tells the story of Bian (Refal Hady), ready to get engaged to Tari (Indah Permatasari) to make his mother happy, while he has been in a relationship with his friend Sarah (Aghniny Haque) for five years. And the strength of Zari`s determination to maintain this marriage while tearing the heart of Sarah`s Bian. The film will debut on August 8, 2019. [1] The scene of the film ends with the wedding scene of Aldi and Sarah. Then Tari again sought compensation for Sarah`s arrival.

Tari asked Bian to accompany him on the weekend for a walk. Tari invited Bian to cross Jakarta with the MRI. This is where Bian recounts the origin of his relationship with Sarah and the connection to his mother`s illness. Bian feels disoriented because he begins to love Tari, Tari only asks for the period of his marriage contract to try to enjoy his marriage and become a devoted woman…

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