Intern Agreement Template

As an intern at [company name], you must follow all company policies, especially those that prohibit an employee from bringing proprietary information, trade secrets, proprietary documents, or processes from those former employers of a former employer. (You must approve the provisions of the attached confidentiality agreement and indicate this by your signature on the attached document.) 8. Insurance and Guarantees. Both parties declare that they are fully entitled to conclude this agreement. The performance and obligations of either party do not violate or violate the rights of third parties or violate any other agreement between the parties, individually and any other person, entity or company, or against the law or regulation of the State. The intern also declares that he/she is duly authorized to work in the United States/Europe and that he/she is reduced by law to work. 2. Indemnification. The parties agree that this is an unpaid internship, given that the intern is not financially compensated for the tasks performed in the company. The intern agrees that he/she should receive valuable knowledge, experience, education and training in the business sector taking into account obligations and responsibilities. A personal credit agreement or debt instrument is a legally binding contract that is usually concluded between family members and friends. A credit agreement describes the repayment of the loan and other important terms.

Unless otherwise specified by the company, this offer applies for an internship of [X working days] from the date of this letter. If the conditions of this letter are satisfactory to you, please sign and return a copy of this letter, as well as the attached forms: it is better to treat interns as potential collaborators, as you can care for them in such a way that they integrate into your organization, but are not explicitly linked to them in the long term. When you create an actual job description for interns, you are in good condition to set your expectations, document them, and have clear interviews with candidates. Ask or ask for things such as an internship, cover letter, references, etc. Check that they have prior skills, preferably relevant, or work experience, and verify them either through a background review or a light social media survey, to make sure they meet your expectations of the people you bring into your business. If you agree with the above terms, please sign both copies of this statement, keep one and return the other to me. 13. You hereby agree that, while you are an intern at [company name] and for one (1) year after the end or end of your internship, you do not attempt to (i) recruit, attempt or recruit employees directly or indirectly or (ii) directly or indirectly advertise, advertise, promote or disturb a customer or supplier of [company name] in any way, that conflicts with or interferes with [COMPANY NAME`s] activity, as managed with that customer or supplier. A service contract or service contract is a legally binding contract between two or more parties that sets out the terms of professional service between the service provider and the customer. A service contract is a critical business contract. .

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