Collective Agreement Industrial Action

This means that the law treats you in the same way as union members. Your rights to dismissal depend on the protection or protection of the labour dispute and when you will be rejected. Trade union actions should only be taken if it is not possible to resolve a dispute in another way, as this can be costly and detrimental to both parties. A company may also apply to a Danish employers` organisation and apply for membership to be covered by the same collective agreements as the employers` organisation and its members. The main importance of the protection of trade union actions is that they grant immunity from civil liability under national or territorial law (unless this measure is likely to include bodily injury or damage, destruction or removal of property). However, if the dispute is a prohibition on overtime, employers may withhold payment only if the employer requires or demands overtime from a worker and the refusal is contrary to the worker`s obligations under a contract of employment, an agreement or other instrument of employment. welcomes the Treaty of Lisbon and the fact that the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union must be made legally binding; notes that this would imply the right of trade unions to negotiate and conclude collective agreements at the appropriate levels and, in the event of a conflict of interest, to take collective action (e.g.B. to take strike action) to defend their interests; If the parties concerned are covered by a collective agreement, there is no obligation to comply with the rules on the termination of the individual employment contract (although trade union actions normally terminate the contract), when unionized workers are invited to intervene in a dispute, in compliance with any provisions of collective agreements relating to the termination of trade union actions. The latter rules take precedence over the obligation to dismiss individually (see the principle set out in Article 2(10) of the Law on Employees). However, if an agreement does not concern the purpose of dismissal of trade union measures, the corresponding individual notice periods must be respected before such a measure is taken. . .


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