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If you do not receive a signed freelance contract, you only open up the (very real) risk of non-payment after the delivery of work or misunderstandings about the services. Although we have done our best to find useful contract templates for you, this is not legal advice and TransferWise cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites. These contract templates are a great resource for getting your freelance business up and running quickly, but if you need legal advice, you should always consult a lawyer. Freelancer warrants that all of the Freelancer`s services and services are free from defects and meet the specifications required by the Client. Likewise, the freelancer guarantees that the work done by the latter is original and does not violate the trademarks, service marks, trade names, secrets, property rights or copyrights of third parties. A termination clause allows each party to withdraw from the freelance contract if, for some reason, the relationship clearly does not work. If you work with clients abroad, we advise you to check transferwise. You will immediately receive international banking data to get money from more than 30 countries around the world at no cost – which is perfect for independent professionals. Contracts are not overvalued. They have their usefulness. But you don`t need it for every client you work with. Instead of sending my new client a freelance contract in a simple Google Doc format, in which they have to insert (or print, sign and return in a new document), Bonsai allows me to download this contract that I use, and then send it to my clients in a way that allows them to sign quickly with a single click – all digitally.

This type of payment (once a month) works best for me, but you may want to specify more payments spread over the month or otherwise depending on your type of work. As this was my first freelance job, I had some technical questions. I am from Eastern Europe, and in my country, if you work as a freelancer, you have to register as one. To record and report your monthly income, you need a contract that basically states why and where you`re getting your money from, and a transfer print screen (PayPal, revolute, whatever), so I asked them for a bulk contract in the form of an email. What they said was: “For the contract, we don`t know exactly how it works for your country, its definition of the contract, we don`t normally offer a contract to freelancers for certain periods, but we can browse while we leave.” but then, with the next email, when I asked for deadlines, payments, etc. .

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