Agreement Does The Knight Make With The Old Woman

What does the knight`s reaction to the old woman show about her character? The knight must agree to do whatever the old woman asks him to do. What does the knight make with the old woman he meets, and how does he do his business with her? In exchange for the correct answer to the queen`s question, the knight will do what the old woman asks him to do. To make the right deal, he marries her, because that is his requirement. Why does the knight agree to marry the old woman? The old woman sees how unhappy the knight is and asks her to reveal why. The knight`s reaction is certainly an example of direct characterization that shows that he judges, is rude and ungrateful towards a woman who saved his life. Explain how the old woman refutes the knight`s assertion that she is not a “sweet birth.” One may also ask: what final decision does the old woman offer the knight at the end of the story, what is her answer? It offers the choice to the knight: either he can have it ugly, but loyal and good, or he can have it young and fair, but also flirtatious and unfaithful. The knight insulted himself in silence. Finally, he replies that he would prefer to trust her judgment and asks her to choose what she prefers. In the end, the only thing the old lady wants is for him to marry her. According to “The Wife of Bath`s Tale”, the knight agrees to marry the old woman? He thinks she will turn into a young woman if he marries her.

He thinks the queen won`t have him killed if he`s married. She promises him that she knows the secret that all women want. “Put your hand in mine and promise your word,” she said.

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