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If you intend to use a virtual AAE to achieve a 100% renewable energy target, you must perform an additional AAE for LGCs, a separate agreement that could be grouped into the virtual PPA agreement. The 19 MW and 20 MW of solar farms are expected to create more than 300 new construction jobs and inject $70 million into Alberta`s economy. Together, they will provide approximately 80,000 MWh of renewable energy per year to Alberta`s general electricity grid, enough to power more than 6,400 homes for a year. These facilities will cover 300 hectares — the size of 170 football fields — and will represent two of the largest solar parks in Canada at the time of construction. According to BloombergNEF`s latest Corporate Energy Market Outlook, companies around the world purchased a record amount of clean energy through PPAs in 2019. In total, approximately 19.5 gigawatts (GW) have been signed for renewable energy contracts between more than 100 companies in 23 different countries. 13.6 GW were signed in the United States and 2.6 GW in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. SunEnergy1 is a top 5 solar developer based in the United States with more than 800 MW. The company has been a pioneer for nearly a decade in the large Power Plant on the East Coast and is developing many record solar projects in the region. SunEnergy1 is vertically integrated and controls all phases of a solar project in its own home, creating affordable, low-risk solar electricity for business, institutional and service partners.

The company has the financial strength to hold and maintain long-term investments such as a 5GW solar development pipeline, more than 300 construction equipment and 200-MW of clean solar parks. For more information about SunEnergy1, see www.sunenergy1.com. There are different types of PPPs, each with its own characteristics. Together, we can establish the most appropriate agreement for your business. “We welcome Fifth Third for joining RE100 and for the fact that it is the first member company to win a 100% solar electricity contract,” said Amy Davidsen, Executive Director of North America, The Climate Group, which leads the RE100 initiative. “With the achievement of the 100% renewable energy target four years earlier, Fifth Third shows that there is a strong argument for solar energy, that renewable energy governance is accelerated and that it is possible to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This will encourage more companies to follow suit. We know all too well the horror stories of a change of supplier.

Companies that left without energy, but with endless bills in the mail of the past supplier.

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