How To Accept The Wii Network Services Agreement

We may ask you for personal or anonymous information for a variety of purposes, including: (i) complete your Wii Network service registration; (ii) customize your wii shop catalog and other catalogs; (iii) communicate with you about games, competitions, contests, surveys, product changes, system issues and more; (iv) allow you to participate in Wii messaging, message cards and other online wii services; (v) orders placed through Wii channels; and (vi) put in place repair orders. Some of the types of information collected and how the information is processed are listed below by category. Others: In order to constantly improve the products and services we offer and better meet your needs, we can also use your personal data as well as anonymous information for our internal marketing, demographic studies and quality assurance. In some cases, we may supplement or update your personal data with data from other sources (p.B. E-mail registration cards or retailers` purchase date). If we combine information collected offline with information collected via the Wii network service, the combined information will be processed in accordance with this Wii privacy policy. We have appropriate security measures in place to protect the personal data we have collected directly to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personal data collected and transferred via your Wii network service. We have also taken appropriate security measures to protect information under our control from loss, abuse or change. While we strive to protect your personal data, no data storage or data transfer system can be guaranteed via the Internet or any other public network in order to be 100% secure.

We may terminate this contract or part of it at any time for any reason. Such termination terminates all licenses granted under this Agreement and may prevent your use of the Wii network service. We can use third parties to provide part of the Wii network service. We may provide you with third-party services or hardware (including content and products) via the Wii network service, so you can use points to purchase a license from us, to use that content, or to obtain a product. We can also allow third parties to provide you with third-party data directly via the Wii network service. 6.2 Depending on the country of residence, we may also share your data with our third-party providers who provide consumer assistance services in conjunction with the Nintendo Network for your country (including hardware and repair services for nintendo related devices). Your data is used in accordance with this Privacy Policy and only to the extent necessary for the delivery of consumer assistance services. You will find the list of third-party distributors in The legal basis for transmitting your data to our third-party distributors is the provision of consumer assistance services (Article 6, paragraph 1, b) of the RGPD). This agreement and all the resulting claims are governed by the laws of the State of Washington, without reference to the rules of conflict of laws.

If you wish to pursue a claim related to this agreement, your complaint must be filed in King County, D.C., and you accept the jurisdiction of the courts that are established there.

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