Sample Renovation Contract Agreement Malaysia

Finally, pay immediately if the payments are due. Failure to pay or late payment may lead the contractor to slow down or respect the work until payment is received. This will also have the inevitable effect of ruining your relationship with the contractor. Treat your contractor with respect and kindness, and you may find that he is going the extra mile for you. If the contractor refuses to correct the defects after a reasonable opportunity, the owner may instruct another contractor (usually referred to as a third party contractor) to remove and correct the remaining work. The intervention fee of the third-party contractor for this purpose may be deducted from a balance remaining owed to the original holder or the amount of the deduction. If the costs exceed the unpaid balance, the difference can be claimed and claimed by the original contractor. Three main questions that require clarity and consistency are: you can conduct a business search with the Companies Commission of Malaysia ( to confirm the registration and status of the contractor. The search may reveal financial information about the contractor that you want to take into account if the value of the contract is high. A search also allows you to confirm whether the person who presents himself as an owner is actually a director or shareholder of the company. And with all the big investments – words and good faith are never enough! You may have heard of horror stories or complaints; A renovation can go terribly wrong if designers and owners don`t work on the same conditions. This section of your renovation contract contains the largest block of information.

It describes the nature of the work to be completed, the materials used and the expected quality of the completed projects. The contract price must be agreed in advance and confirmed in writing, whether by a signed agreement, an invoice or an order. The contract price can be flat-rate or deducted from an individual invoice. All changes to the initial scope of the work are called variations – and may include omissions (removing items from the original area) or additions (adding items to the original area). Variations mean changes to your contract price, and it is best to discuss the costs of the changes at the time of instruction to the contractor and confirm the changes in writing. They will have much less bargaining power to negotiate the price of variations once the work is completed.

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