Ieee Open Access Publishing Agreement License

CC BY and CCBY-NC-ND allow authors to retain the copyright to their article and allow for a wide range of reuse. CC BY authorizes reuse for commercial purposes or for the production of derivative works, while, according to CCBY-NC-ND, reuse cannot be performed for commercial purposes or modification of the work in any way. Under CC BY licences, authors are responsible for protecting their content from possible abuses such as offences and plagiarism. Millions of researchers have subscriptions to immediately access research on ScienceDirect. To allow open access to a subscription item, a period called an embargo period is required. This starts from the date the article is officially published online in its final and complete form (i.e.dem online publication date or publication date of the edition). Our embargo periods generally range from 12 to 24 months and certain embargo periods are available on the magazine`s homepages. Search for an embargo period All open access articles are published either under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) or Creative Commons Attribution, NonCommercial, No Derivatives License (CCBY-NC-ND). IEEE offers two agreements that meet your needs: A: readers continue to have access to content supported by IEEE through the IEEE Xplore Digital library. Open access articles are labeled open access and are available to all readers, regardless of their subscription base. Find out more about our open access book publishing options.

“Gold” Open Access refers to items that are freely available in their final form. Most open access gold items are covered by item processing fees (PPPs) and not by subscriptions. APCs can be paid by the author, the author`s institution or a funding agency. The cost of processing an author`s open access articles (APCs) may be reimbursed if alternative financing is made available (for example. B by a funding agency or by the author`s institution). Note: CC BY and CCBY-NC-ND are only available when open access is published. If the article is published in a journal with an open archive, it is made available after an embargo. Everyone is able to download, copy and share Gold Open Access articles. We offer authors the opportunity to publish the CC-BY-ND user license, either under the Creative Commons CC-BY or Creative Commons CC-BY-ND licenses. These licenses help maximize the effect of your article and extract most of it from dissemination and use. Click here for details.

IEEE offers three open access options for gold.

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