Als Individual Learning Agreement

THE ILA IS A KEY INSTRUMENT FOR THE LEARNING PROGRAMME – THE BROAD LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND SPECIFIC GOALS OF THE LEARNER; The things the learner intends to do to achieve their learning goals and the timetable for learning or achieving these goals. SIGNING THE INDIVIDUAL LEARNING AGREEMENT EBy the learner`s request to sign the individual learning agreement, the Head of Instruction/Moderator helps the learner to engage in their learning program. Why my principal and I need to sign the apprenticeship agreement – The signing of the apprenticeship agreement will be: -Remember your commitment to the learning process – Remind your schoolmaster of his responsibility, HELPING YOU ACHIEVE YOUR SSTEP 4 LEARNING GOALS: SIGNING THE ILA INDIVIDUAL LEARNING AGREEMENT – IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE LEARNERS AND THE INDENKTIONAL MANAGER / FACILITATOR SIGN THE ILA AFTER IT – ESIGNING THIS AGREEMENT WILL REMIND THE FACILITATOR OF HIS / HER COMMITMENT TO THE LEARNER AND HIS / HER ROLE TO ACHIEVE THE STATED GOALSLEARNING. The flexible learning style used in this system helps learners achieve their individual learning goals. In this context, flexibility means that out-of-school youth and adult learners can decide what they learn, when they will learn and how they will learn. Learning needs are included as learning objectives in the individual learning process [ILA] in order to document the learner`s individual learning goals and formulate an individual learning agreement, an individual debate between the learner and the instructional manager A small group of learners and an IM Can I change my learning agreement? Yes, you can change it or make a new one. You can change it: If you think you`ve finished learning a subject, or if you want to learn something else. During the learning process, you and your training manager will consider/check your learning agreement at least every two weeks. INDIVIDUELS APPRENTISSAGE OBJECTIVES – What the learner can do for a given period of time – Present the benchmarks that allow learners to access their own progress in the program – help you determine the learning modules, activities and timelines used in the learning program.

GO TO PEOPLE LOVE WITH THEM LIVE WITH THEM LEARN WITH THEM LINK YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH THEIRS START WITH WHAT THEY FINISH YOUR JOB THE PEOPLE WILL SAY WE DID IT ALL BY OURSELVES INDIVIDUAL LEARNING AGREEMENT DR. GUEVARRA REGIONAL EDUCATIONAL SUPERVISOR PANSARILING BALAK O PLANO SA PAG-AA AARAL__________________ PANGALAN______________________ PANGALAN___________________________ IM___________________ PAGSIMULA__________________RAL HOW TO APPREND? When do I learn? Assessment I Individual Learning Agreement Improve my ability to organize my work effectively: Find books and articles in the library, how to organize my work and manage and read time. Interview three executives on how they organize their work, then observe them for a day and write down the techniques they use. Choose each other`s best techniques, plan a day`s work and let a colleague watch me for a day, give me feedback TIME FRAME 10-11,2009 Learning – Objective Learning Strategies Meaning of the individual learning agreement theal instruction manager / facilitator TO NEGOTIATE WITH LEARNERS A LEARNING BASED PROGRAMD ON PAST EXPERIENCES

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