Property Agreement Index 2

I want to learn how to fill out the index form. nondani challan, and the use of documents there are training opportunities? Please let us know the seniors so we can promote our names and mutate — you can also get INDEX II. I want to learn how to fill out the index form. Nondani challan, and the use of documents, there are training opportunities? When receiving the check-in, please indicate that you receive the number of the supporting document received from the registered document and that you request Index 2 at the place where it is registered. 1) Index 2 is a summary of all documents recorded under-registration. The Registration Act requires the establishment and maintenance of the number of registration records. this is proof that the document for the registration I buy Flat Agreement has been filed registered at the town hall, but the date of the agreement is empty, as to update to the town hall please… This request collected by the bank before the liquidation of the cheque Hello dear customer, you must ask the office of the registrar concerned where the document in question was registered. You have a mandatory format in which you can apply and receive a copy of Index II. Click as if you are satisfied with the answer.

But just look at it if you can submit a photocopy of it. If so, you can photograph the last two pages of the document in question, which bears the photos of the parties and the description of the property. You can also download from the igr website if it is available for download. The search for the name base is also available after entering the property number. Currently, the installation is limited to a few areas. Click if you are satisfied with the response Adv. Suwarna Jadhao Nagpur Hi is satisfied with your Index II with your registered sales contract. The description of the page on the property, z.B.

the district year, the name of the village and the item or document number. You can also download it online as follows. “Connect to Enter the year, district, village name and property number or proof number. Collect details such as document number, name, registration date, SRO name, office code, seller`s name, buyer`s name and item description. Write down the required document number and receive an Index II document or a copy by clicking on the download option. Check the first two pages of your original purchase agreement, where index II is displayed as a second page. Adv. Treasa Mathew, Mumbai If the original linked to your apartment has been lost, it`s not your fault. It is the Agency`s duty to keep the data set and the same is called an index. From the time the registration is received, you will receive the number of the document received certified copy of the registered document and request index 2 at the place where it is registered. Can I download this document (Index 2) online, is it valid document? If I download the purchase flat agreement registered in the registry, but the date of the agreement is empty, as to update in the registry office please… This request, which was made by the bank before the liquidation of the cheque I – my husband inherited 1/2 share without sharing an apartment in Pune from my mother according to his will.

We need to prepare Index II. I immediately inherited 1/2 share. The Ball. 1/2 share without sharing is abandoned by the only surviving heir of my brother. Disposal demobilization for its share – Indexii for the same 1/2 share already registered with us. Stamp duty – registration fee also paid on the same. Please send me the format of the application letter that must be filed a) For the transfer of our new names to PMC and b) For the application of Index II and c) what documents are required to obtain Index II for the inherited part. D) What are the fees and e) the complete procedure to get our new names transferred – INDEX-II made for our inherited action 1/2. E) Also specify the details for which we must apply with the correct address – Contact Number. If it`s possible.

Pl guide us seniors so that we can apply and mutate our names – get INDEX-II as well.

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